Picking conditions

2018 U-pick Picking Conditions

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  • Field conditions: The fields are always grassy. In the morning between 8-11 everything is slightly damp from the morning dew. Please dress accordingly flip flops, crocs, water boots are the best. Tennis shoes can get wet. Please remember that wearing white while picking blueberries is not a good idea, the berries can stain your clothing. Also light layers with long sleeves are good. The branches can get scratchy as you reach in to pick berries. There are lovely honey bees and other bees buzzing around so if you have a bee allergy always bring your Epi-pen and other needed medications just in case. We do not spray pesticide on our fruit and we do not spray herbicide during the U-pick season.


  • Today's U-pick Berry: Pemberton-medium-sweet variety and next E-55/Covilles-medium size more tart berries great for baking! Second picking on Spartan is available please just ask!
             Note:We pick different fields everyday. We can have 2-3 different berries ripe all at once. Please call ahead to see if we have moved on to another berry that may be sweet or tart.  We try to keep this updated everyday however if we are busy we can go through an entire variety in about 5 hours.